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With our physicians at the forefront, our care teams stands united in the pursuit of excellence, driven by deep-rooted compassion for humanity.

Our Board-Certified physicians collaborate with Nurses, Dieticians, and Health Coaches, forming a comprehensive care ecosystem. Together, they provide expert guidance and support to ensure the highest standard of care.




PHM care team is led by board-certified physicians. Get a medical diagnosis and personalized treatment plan at your first visit–plus any prescriptions, labs, or imaging orders you might need.


Male Nurse

PHM nurse practitioners work closely with your doctor to enhance your care to be as personalized and comprehensive as possible.

Health Coaches

Serious Coach

PHM health coaches support and motivate you to enhance your lifestyle, exercise routines, stress levels, sleep health, and more.


Nutritionist Cooking

PHM registered dietitians, and nutritionists offer support to help in reaching your goals. Get clinically-reviewed individual guidance on healthy weight loss, proper hydration, balanced meal planning, and more.

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