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Your journey towards healthy living starts here!

Subscribing to PHM Remote Health Monitoring Programs is as easy as 1,2,3! Below are 3 simple steps it takes to register and have your health monitored by experienced clinicians of PHM. 


Subscribe & Receive Your Package

Your device will be configured for you, including a fresh battery, and it comes with links to easy instructional videos. Within 24 hours of receiving the device, our nurse will call you to make sure everything works as expected.


Start Using the Device

Put on the blood pressure cuff, or take your glucometer reading. The devices automatically and safely transmit the data to our offices. 

No need to learn or sync anything; the data is being transmitted directly via local cellular phone towers.


View Your Vital Results 

You can watch your results on a smartphone app and enjoy peace of mind.

If your monitoring results are out of range, our nurse will call you immediately to find out possible reasons and take corrective action.

Alexa Young, CA

“Great company with great service."

Morgan James, NY

"Saved me from an ER visit."

Lisa Driver, MI

“Got me on the right health track.”
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