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Our online consultations.

Primary Care

Online primary care refers to the provision of essential healthcare services through digital platforms, enabling individuals to access medical consultations, diagnoses, treatment recommendations, prescription services, and health advice remotely.

Specialty Care

Online specialty care involves the provision of specialized medical services and expertise through digital platforms, allowing patients to access consultations, diagnoses, treatment plans, and ongoing support from specialized healthcare professionals in various fields such as cardiology, dermatology, psychiatry, and more.

Urgent Care

Online urgent care entails the prompt delivery of critical healthcare services through digital channels, enabling individuals to receive immediate medical attention for time-sensitive and non-life-threatening conditions.

How it works

  • Select Book Consultation and select your desired specialty from the selection on the page

  • Select consultation type: Primary Care, Specialty Care, or Urgent Care

  • Book an appointment at your desired date and time

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