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Remote monitoring programs for continuous care.

What is remote monitoring?

Our remote monitoring programs allow regular monitoring of your vitals by your healthcare provider. Using the market's leading devices integrated with the industry's top EMR SmartClinix, your healthcare provider will receive regular data about your health. 

Upon review, your healthcare provider can not only detect any anomalies or abnormalities but also suggest further testing or adjust your treatment accordingly. 

Even if you are not on any medications, our remote monitoring program adds immense value to your well-being and staying healthy longer. ​

Our Monitoring Programs

Fitness Tracking Programs with PHI

The objective of this program is to promote health and wellness among individuals using a comprehensive index derived from daily data captured via Fitbit or Apple Watch. Our proprietary scoring system, personalized daily PHI, when checked and acted upon regularly, can serve as a compass guiding users toward healthier habits and lifestyle choices.

Fitness Class

Blood Pressure Management Program

RPM allows for continuous monitoring of blood pressure, providing a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of a patient's condition. This enables healthcare providers to make informed decisions regarding medication adjustments, lifestyle modifications, and treatment plans.


Cardio Management Program

Heart monitoring allows for early detection of potential problems, which can lead to proactive intervention and timely treatment. Whether you're managing a condition like hypertension or atrial fibrillation or simply looking to maintain optimal cardiovascular health, heart monitoring can provide essential data about your heart rate, blood pressure, and even intricate ECG data.


Diabetes Management Program

Keeping a close eye on your blood glucose levels is a key component in managing diabetes and maintaining optimal health. Regular monitoring allows you to understand how food, physical activity, and medications affect your glucose levels. It aids in preventing serious complications such as heart disease and kidney damage. Start tracking your glucose levels today for a healthier tomorrow.

Using Glucometer at Home
Blood pressure monitor

Right Care At The Right Time

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